What makes a Superhero a… Superhero

When reading the article/ interview “How Ancient Legends Gave Birth To Modern Superheroes” by Evan Narcisse who interviewed Jess Nevins, I got a better grasp on what a superhero is and who might be classified as one.  After reading it, I have realized that it does not matter whether you wear a cape or normal clothes, whether you have a secret name or use your normal name.  The word superhero was not around mainly until superman came out but these nowadays superheroes are based off of past people and they were not considered superheroes but they easily can be.  It really boils down to how epic they were in the time that they were around or how epic their story was told, and what their intentions are. What I noticed as a reoccurring theme in a superhero is their intention to overcome a difficult adversity that could endanger other lives or their own. After watching The Tick’s first episode, it became obvious that in that world there were many costumed heroes who seemed to be all do-gooders.  They, by my own personal definition, are all superheroes because they all want to do something epic.

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