Vonnegut’s Ideas are actually true!

It is true that most heroes have a tragic event in their life where they are on the bottom end of the fortune graph that is part of Kurt Vonnegut’s Shapes of Stories outline.  Their story starts off particularly sad where something bad has happened to them but throughout the story their good fortune builds up until it becomes completely an infinite wealth good fortune by the end of the story.  Take Superman for example; when he was born, he lost his parents and sent off into an unknown world where he doesn’t quite fit in.  Later, he learns that he can be a beacon of hope for the people and everything is better now.  Another example is Batman where he is in a similar boat as Superman where he loses his parents and becomes alone. Or even Naruto (for you anime fans) because he grows up alone without family or friends and goes through the hardships of life but soon achieves his ultimate goal of becoming the leader of his village.  These stories all started off in very bad fortune and ends at the top of the Shapes of Stories’ scale.  These factors make for a good story that people want to hear and really develop characters into the heroes we know and love.

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