Most Chill Superhero

My super hero is Benneth Kranagh, also known as Mellow man and he is the most chill guy on Earth.  So chill that he has a power to make everyone around him chill in times of need.  It all started when he was born on his home planet of Vibranius where they worshipped the Vibe Gods and they were good to them.  There on Vibranius, there was no bad vibes ever.  Everyone did their own thing and had a good time doing it.  One day, a person that now goes by the name of Sinister Psycho, went crazy and started destroying everything.  The planet vibranius started falling apart due to the lack of chillness and relaxation.  No one survived except for Benneth because that day he was out riding the waves when the Vibranius started the collapse.  A huge crack in the planet sent the wave crashing down hard and it sent Benneth flying out into space.  He would have died if not for the if it wasn’t for the Vibe Gods who granted him magical powers that allowed him the relax himself and breathe in space without and oxygen and many other powers which includes the ability to chill out everything around him.  So there he floated in space until he came into Earth’s atmosphere and landed in the water on the west coast in the US.  Here, he just relaxes like he did on his own planet but feels as if he owes this planet a debt of gratitude so he uses his powers for good and helps the people of Earth in need.  He mastered tai chi and other fighting styles here on Earth just in case Sinister Psycho ever finds him.

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