Examples of Photography

For this DS106 assignment, I have to find examples of stills from movies that showcase points of photography.  One key point to photography is depth.  Depth brings more life into a photo by giving the background character.  An example of that would be this 

It gives good depth to the picture because it has tony stark up front and his suits behind him.  It builds to the story very well.

Another key point to photography would be balance. Balance is an essential part of all photography and film making. It keeps audience focus mainly on the middle of the picture and basically controls the audience’s eyes.  An example of that would be 

This still is from Hellboy II: The Golden Army and it has almost perfect symmetry (Guillermo Del Toro is the best).

A third key would be lighting which adds to the story immensely by giving the audience a different feel.  Photographers should always consider lighting in every photo they take because it determines if it is a good picture or not.  A good example would be 

This still from the movie Drive is a great lighting example.  It shows the shadow on the wall and the light that shrouds him.  It gives a darker undertone to the movie and works out well.

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