Day In The Life of Shadow Fly

The alarm goes off in the early morning.  I hate mornings. I hit the snooze once, twice, and get up on the third one.  I wonder why I put myself through this, always crime fighting at night and waking up in the early morning to live a normal life with a normal job.  I look up and remind myself why I do what I do.  I see a poster of my favorite hero, Mr. Man.  He the reason why I have these powers and the reason why I fight crime.  I get up and look in the mirror and tell myself “You are Shadow Fly. This is what you want. This is what I will do.”

On my way to work, the sun is beating on me.  I hate the sun. I Prefer the shadows where I can totally mask myself. In the sun, I feel completely vulnerable.  I cast a little shadow above me the shade myself from the sun. Much better. I go to work at a job that doesn’t pay much but it doesn’t matter anyways. I normally finish my work early and then listen to the news to see if any juicy stories are on or if any “villain” is on the loose.  I hear the broadcaster say “You are going to want to stay indoors tonight.  There is a kidnapper on the loose that just escaped from jail. Lock your doors if you live on the west end of the great city of Boomtown. Thank you.” I found my target.

After work, I immediately head over to the west end of Boomtown and patiently wait. I am consumed in the shadows so no one can see or hear me.  I see a man under a street lamp reading a newspaper and a woman walks by and she catches his eye. as she passes, he gets up and starts to follow her.  I notice his face, its him I quickly fly through the shadows to end up right behind them.  As he tails her, I tail him and we go into the subway.  She notices that the man is following her so she speeds up and he proceeds to go quicker as well. Just as she turns around to scream at him and tell him to go away, he’s gone.  I grabbed him and have him in my shadows and he says, “Look man, I Don’t want any trouble. Just leave me alone!” “You already brought the trouble,” I say to him.

I hang him up above the lamp post outside of the police station and he is completely naked and completely embarrassed thanks to my acid spit that melted off his clothes.  After he was taken care of, I quickly fly into the shadows to the top of the tallest building in Boomtown.  Here I listen for any other signs of distress and I wait through the night in the shadows just waiting for someone to test my abilities.  And when that is over I go back home and start my day all over again.

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