Another Mission

As Mellow Man wakes up at a leisurely time of 11:45 am, he hears what sounds like a scream. Mellow man takes his long board and flies down the freeway trying to avoid as much LA traffic as possible. While he is going down the road, he notices a lot of angry drivers. He uses his super powers to calm the drivers because there is nothing more scary than road rage. Mellow man arrives at the scene to find out it is a college student studying for her final. She is freaking out because she has an 89.4 in the class and needs an A in the class to pass and continue on to grad school.  She is stressing out like crazy and Mellow Man knows who is behind this, who is making her stress so much that her hair is falling out: Sinister Psycho.  Psycho makes everything stress out way too much to the point where they just can’t bear it anymore. What will Mellow Man do? Can he save this girl in time and stop Sinister Psycho? He needs to find Psycho adn stop him before it too late!

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