Wishing I took the photography path

I have always wanted to work with photography, mainly film but really just something with a camera.  I decided to go the more realistic route of just being a boring businessman.  When I was younger, I used to make videos all the time and I loved it.  Later on, I just got too busy with other things and cameras were really expensive for just a “hobby” so I basically gave up on the dream.  I don’t take a lot of pictures anymore.  But when I do, its very spontaneous and I try to capture the moment that I am in.  My favorite type of photo is when it is very dark outside and there is a single light somewhere in the photo kind of like a street lamp in the dark. It brings everyone focus to that specific spot and you basically manipulate the eyes of the viewer.  Very powerful.  A way I could improve my photos is telling a better story to the picture I have taken.  Using/adjusting light in a picture might be able to help me with telling a better story.