week 11 in ds106

This week we made movies where we had to add different themes from what we learned from our previous week. It was fairly simple to make once you get the hang of it and it is a lot of fun.  I really like making comical movie and if I had more knowledge and time to work on the movie, it would have came out a lot better but time always gets the better of me.  My TDCs are on my twitter!

ds106 Movie

I forgot to add my thanks to windows movie maker and audacity so… thank you. For this film ( as mediocre as it is) I tried to use the shot/reverse shot when I am talking to the character like what the Coen brothers do but they do it at a way better scale. I always tried to use a long and continuous shot in the beginning and walk with the character.  We were sitting in his dorm and I was trying to think of an idea of what to film and I felt cramped in his room so I wanted out and boom, there was my movie idea.

Another Mission

As Mellow Man wakes up at a leisurely time of 11:45 am, he hears what sounds like a scream. Mellow man takes his long board and flies down the freeway trying to avoid as much LA traffic as possible. While he is going down the road, he notices a lot of angry drivers. He uses his super powers to calm the drivers because there is nothing more scary than road rage. Mellow man arrives at the scene to find out it is a college student studying for her final. She is freaking out because she has an 89.4 in the class and needs an A in the class to pass and continue on to grad school.  She is stressing out like crazy and Mellow Man knows who is behind this, who is making her stress so much that her hair is falling out: Sinister Psycho.  Psycho makes everything stress out way too much to the point where they just can’t bear it anymore. What will Mellow Man do? Can he save this girl in time and stop Sinister Psycho? He needs to find Psycho adn stop him before it too late!

Week 10 Review

Week 10 in ds106 was a video week. I learned a lot about movies that I did not even know or did not even think about looking for.  I always considered myself to be a movie buff but when i watched the videos and learned about the different components of film, I was blown away.  We got to try out our own video essays which was kinda fun because we were able to break down scenes from our favorite tv shows or movies and it just really opened up my eyes.  Glad I learned about this because it was fun and super informative.


for my daily creates.

Week 8 review

I feel like every new week i say is the hardest.. Because it actually is! This week in ds106 was very difficult but at the same time a lot of fun. This week my group and I were finally putting together the radio show.  We all had our own parts that we had signed up for. For me, I had to create a commercial and close out for the radio show.  I would say the hardest part, besides getting the idea for our segments, was getting the right music and audio that we wanted for it. once I found the right audio, it was pretty much smooth sailing from there.  As difficult as it might have been, I really did enjoy it and that’s the most important part. https://twitter.com/TristenStevens3 The link is for daily creates for this week.




Week 7 recap

Week 7 has been the hardest thus far mainly due to timing.  Midterms need to be studied for along with getting this group project together made for one stressful week.  Luckily I had a great group of people that work very hard to make sure things are right.  We have created a google doc and have group members assigned to different parts of the radio show.  There was also many discussions of different ideas for the show that seem to be really good ideas and I am excited to jump into the radio show next week!



Thoughts/Ideas of Design

Who knew design played such an important roll on how the reader/listener/watcher felt in a certain moment? What I learned was that the use of negative space in a comic book creates a feeling of emptiness just like it does in movies.  It is impressive how they can translate that into singular pictures in a comic.  Another way to grab audience attention is having a “crazy” page of images instead of the traditional left-to-right single pictures.  It makes it feel like there is a lot going on. Sure, the story can be told frame by frame but it won’t make you feel like the moment is as intense as it would be if there were several overlapping pictures on one page.  The last thing I learned about was controlling movement in a comic book.  By doing this, you are basically controlling where the eyes of the reader go and make the comic flow so much easier.  The example was the Black Widow comic.  Almost every time, each panel had black widow moving closer and closer to one side of the frame or her eyes were looking in the direction of the next frame that the reader is supposed to look at.  It is a really interesting way to keep the audience involved and keeping a flow going.