Summary for week 5

This week was audio week in DS106 and I believe it was the most insightful. Learning about how sound creates a story is incredible.  I loved doing the assignments as well. Especially when we had to create a theme song for our superhero.  I just happened to have a guitar (which I don’t know how to play so I had to teach myself) so i used that for the soundtrack and it was a fun experience.  I can’t wait to move on the next week’s tasks.

The Power of Audio

Just as you can tell a story without sound, you can do the same for audio.  After listening to Moon Graffiti on soundcloud, I now realize just how important sound is to telling a good story.  All we had was people talking and the noises and sounds that were there but you felt as if you were on the moon while listening to it. It created the scene and you didn’t even have to see it.  Sound can drive stories because it makes it feel like you are right there in the story and helps you create a better image and make it more memorable.  There is a video about sound mixing and this gives you a sense of how sound can bring a video to life.

Week 4 of DS106

Well I can’t say it was the easiest week only because I was bombarded with homework and tests for all of my other classes which really slowed down my train of thought for this class. Having said that, this was definitely my favorite week thus far.  I love photography and reading about it really opened up my feelings towards getting into photography as a hobby.  Story telling through photography is a true art form.  Just being able to look at a picture and tell what the photographer was thinking is a possible thing due to things like lighting, background and shadows. Photography is a pretty interesting thing and I can’t wait to learn more about it on my own.

Photoblitzer pictures

Thank you for previewing my photos.  In this assignment, I believe what I had to do was take a photo from each thing on the list within 20 minutes.  I show both of my times and yes, this was a little easy since it was all pretty much around the house.  First thing I had to do was take a picture of an animal. I chose my dog because he was just laying down near me and I thought “Hey well this will be perfect.” so I went for it.  Next was take a picture of a tree so I went into my backyard and took a picture of a tree that I planted a couple weeks ago.  It is looking pretty strong! The next photo was a subject that was not completely in focus so I took a picture of my rug having the back of it a little out of focus.  I had to take a picture of a wheel which was an easy because, like it said, “wheels are all around us.” The next one I believe I had to take a picture of something with glasses so i took a picture of my backyard hoping that was what the instructions wanted.  The last one was take a picture at a weird angle… Well have you ever tried watching tv upside down? i consider that a very weird angle.

The Life Of A Superhero

What is Aquaman doing when he’s not saving the world from the sea? Well he’s helping out the sea creatures of course! Aquaman loves to teach dolphins in the ocean cool tricks and where best to hunt for food.  He keeps the sharks away from shores and leads them to where it is best for them.  He even picks up the trash in the ocean just so no animal can get hurt.  If you see a beached whale, you know aquaman will be there as soon as possible to bring it back to the waters.  He is an wonderful guy and loves to do good things for everyone and everything.

Examples of Photography

For this DS106 assignment, I have to find examples of stills from movies that showcase points of photography.  One key point to photography is depth.  Depth brings more life into a photo by giving the background character.  An example of that would be this 

It gives good depth to the picture because it has tony stark up front and his suits behind him.  It builds to the story very well.

Another key point to photography would be balance. Balance is an essential part of all photography and film making. It keeps audience focus mainly on the middle of the picture and basically controls the audience’s eyes.  An example of that would be 

This still is from Hellboy II: The Golden Army and it has almost perfect symmetry (Guillermo Del Toro is the best).

A third key would be lighting which adds to the story immensely by giving the audience a different feel.  Photographers should always consider lighting in every photo they take because it determines if it is a good picture or not.  A good example would be 

This still from the movie Drive is a great lighting example.  It shows the shadow on the wall and the light that shrouds him.  It gives a darker undertone to the movie and works out well.

Wishing I took the photography path

I have always wanted to work with photography, mainly film but really just something with a camera.  I decided to go the more realistic route of just being a boring businessman.  When I was younger, I used to make videos all the time and I loved it.  Later on, I just got too busy with other things and cameras were really expensive for just a “hobby” so I basically gave up on the dream.  I don’t take a lot of pictures anymore.  But when I do, its very spontaneous and I try to capture the moment that I am in.  My favorite type of photo is when it is very dark outside and there is a single light somewhere in the photo kind of like a street lamp in the dark. It brings everyone focus to that specific spot and you basically manipulate the eyes of the viewer.  Very powerful.  A way I could improve my photos is telling a better story to the picture I have taken.  Using/adjusting light in a picture might be able to help me with telling a better story.